Monday, August 25, 2008

Glowing Like a Horse

Saturday morning was my final 20 mile training run in preparation for the marathon. The crazy guys at FIRST schedule a total of 5 20 milers, but I am going to change the last one to 18. I think that 4 20 mile runs should more than prepare me for 26.2, and my good friend Tom at Runners' Lounge thinks the big 2-0 is unnecessary. I'm still glad I hit as many 20's as I did, because it really builds my confidence. The reason I'm backing off the last one is that I don't think I need it, and I want to avoid the prospect of injury or overtraining.

The fact that Saturday's run was a horrifically sweaty experience only sealed the deal.

I thought it would be a pretty decent little run. It wasn't too hot outside. But as our friend the cliche tells us, it's not the heat; it's the humidity. I was the sweatiest person who ever lived.

You may think I was just your standard level of sweaty. Soaked ponytail? Check. Able to wring disturbing amounts of sweat from my wristbands and clothing? Check. Sweat stinging the eyes. Check. Sweaty, yes, but you're not impressed yet.

Well, how about the fact that, during the course of my run, I lost five pounds*? Still not sufficiently horrified? Okay, you asked for it.

At mile 14, I noticed that my shoes and socks were as wet as if I'd stepped in a puddle. They actually made squishing noises as I went. And Internet? I did not step in a puddle. The sweat dripped down from my legs and pooled into my shoes. I debated whether or not to stop at home to get dry socks and ultimately decided it was worth it so I wouldn't have the world's biggest blisters killing my really cute black peep-toed heels at my high school class reunion that night.

Friends, this post has a purpose besides just to gross you out. There was also a lesson learned in there. I'd stashed five bucks in the pocket of the Ridiculously Short Shorts, but it was so sweaty that I was embarassed to spend it. Next time? I will put that bad boy in a plastic bag.

*I had heard that giving birth was the fastest way to lose a great deal of weight really fast, but running 20 miles in the sweltering humidity was even faster. And just in time for my high school reunion!


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! I had that same prob with money. I hear you girl! I hear you!

tfh said...

Five pounds of sweat? Yikes! Nice job getting through that one. Just don't drink anything between now and the reunion or you'll gain it back ;)

newsjunkie said...

Hahaha, "plastic baggie to carry money or chewing gum for after the race" was on the packing list we got this morning for Sunday's race. :)

Nat said...

Ooooooooooh that's sweatie.
I had a five pounder earlier this year. NOT FUN.

As for the labour thing... good thing with the run is that you'll heal more quickly. AND it doesn't wake you up in the middle of night demanding food.

suzee said...

Holy crap that's gross.

But I could totally see how it happens, and when I get to 20, I'm sure I'll sympathize (I sweat like a barn animal at 3m in fog).

Yay you for being done with the longest runs!

Eurogirl said...

Next time you want to lose 5 lbs before and event, just pop some laxatives. Like a normal celebrity. Running 20 miles is overkill.

In all seriousness, you amaze me. Tomorrow makes day three (week 1) of the "Couch to 5K" program. So far, so good.

Joe said...

Hehehehehe. Every time I come home from a long run I feel I should light my clothes on fire instead of washing them.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh geez I have several comments.

First ask Tom how many 20 milers he actually does. :D

I was actually worried that you were going to say somehow you had peed in your socks so I was sort of relieved to hear you just sweated that much. How gross am I?

I can actually give birth faster than I can do a 20 miler. I'm not sure what side that falls on...

Everything I say contains the word actually??!! :D

Laura said...

I've totally just spent it anyway and hoped they didn't notice it was a little bit damp! (Yes, I am disgusting, but you know what? That money has probably gone through SO much worse).