Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby's First Swear

It's moments like this that make a mother's heart swell with pride. Jack has learned his very first swear word. That word is damn, and already I can see how it will serve him well in the years to come. Jack has learned some of the many uses of this new tool.

Exclamation. When out for a nature walk with his Poppa, Jack tripped over a tree root and said, "Damn!" My dad managed to not laugh.

Adverb. "Mommy, this pillow is too damn noisy." To be fair, that pillow as really damn noisy.

Adjective. "Where's my damn binky?"

It should be noted that if you are asking, "Where's my damn binky," chances are that you are, in fact, too old for a pacifier.

I know, I know; all of you are wondering where Jack might have learned this new word, but is that really relevant? I don't think we need to dwell on that do we?

Yeah; you guys figured out he learned it from me, didn't you?



Vanilla said...

Perhaps he wasn't swearing at all, perhaps he was just trying to reference the fact that the pillow was as noisy as the Hoover Dam.

RooBabs said...

Oh, that is too funny. And you point about the binky- classic!

Since I'm trying to get pregnant, I'm working on my mouth, especially in the car. I fear for what kind of horrible insults my (future) children would learn while driving with me (*shudders*).

At least it's only "damn". It could be much worse. = )

Jodie said...

Ahahahah! That's great. The binky line is great.

Joe said...

I knew a girl once who was watching Sopranos with her 2-year-old. You can see how this damn story ends. ;)


Laura said...

Hilarious, especially the binky line :)

tfh said...

Very nice that he clearly has somehow learned all of the contexts in which the word can be used.

And really, what word would better work in any of those sentences than damn? I know of only one, and you don't exactly want your kid saying the f word, do you?

mcm mama said...

Aww, damn was both Jones and Shoo's first swear word (and thankfully so far only). Of course, we live near a major city with horrible traffic, so I'm sure they'll learn more soon. (Their daddy is much better than me and uses such words as aardvark and chicken when driving LOL)

chloe said...

Ha ha ha! I taught (yes, on purpose) my nephew to say "penis" when he was two (I was 18...that's my excuse). His parents didn't think it was so funny. I, on the other hand, still laugh about it.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Be proud that he uses it correctly in a sentence.

My five year old has moved on to $hit. It's funny in the back yard, just hope he doesn't bring it out at kindergarten. :S