Monday, February 04, 2008

Saving the Family

It was a weekend of adventures at Stately Wasser Manor.

Saturday morning, I took off to get my hair cut and colored while the boys planned a fun daddy-son morning. I had my phone turned off, so I was not aware of the fact that Steve had locked the two of them out of the house. Once Steve realized that I was not going to answer my phone, he started hunting around for solutions.

He got the ladder out of the garage, climbed it, and removed the screen from a window in the dining room. He gave Jack some instructions, carried him up the ladder, and slowly lowered him into the house. Jack realized the gravity of his assignment and therefore did not take advatanage of this as an opportunity to watch TV and eat cookies, but rather raced over to the back door and let Steve in the house. Steve told Jack that he "saved the family."

And on a plus note, my hair looks great.

That night, I went over to my mom and Doug's house to take care of the cats, mail, and empty some bucket that has to do with water runoff from the furnace. Important stuff. Unfortunately, their lock is tricky, and no matter what I tried with the catlicking key, I could not make it even budge. Meanwhile, Fannie May, one of the cats, was looking at me through the window and crying.

It was time, once again, to save the family. But how could I get into the house?

Nancy and Doug have a large mail slot - bigger than a letter, I assure you. I discovered that if I took off my coat (to reduce bulk) and put my hands over my shoulders to make them narrower, I could probably fit. Nevertheless, I had my cell phone in my hand in case I got stuck like Pooh. I shoved myself into the house and even figured out a way to contort my body so I didn't have to take the four foot drop face first. The cats were fed, the bucket was empty, and the family was saved!

Plus I have bruises on my abdomen as a badge of honor.

Sunday, I decided to run over to their house to feed the cats, then run home to combine tasks. It was lightly snowing when I left - it was lovely. By the time I started back home it was snowing, um, cats and dogs. The snow was blowing into my face from both directions, and there was so much of it that I couldn't see far in front of me.

Still, I got in five miles without Paula beeping at me to speed up. And this is what I looked like when I got back:

How many toughness points do I earn for that one?


Amy@RunnersLounge said...

About 100 toughness points! You have been racking them up lately!

PS...All the world is Jack's stage. More costumes! More costumes!

newsjunkie said...

Haha that's how I looked a few weeks ago when I ran in the snow. Except I had a baseball cap on.

Yay for ingenuity!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Okay, you've got the toughness points for sure, but how bout some major skinny points? You fit through the freaking mail slot? I'm dying over here (and starving myself the rest of the day!!)

Yes we love the costumes!!

RazZDoodle said...

on a scale of 1 to 10, I give you about 500 points.

K said...

Can you send some of that snow our way? It's going to be 70 in Washington today. Wacky.

Now did I read it right that you actually put your entire body through the mail slot? You need to take a picture of said slot. That sounds pretty amazing.