Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby

Internet? I am officially sick and tired of winter. Enough already. The snow, it is pretty. But I could realy do without the ice that covers every surface, effectively screwing up my plans for most things.

I officially started my trisko training this week. I don't mind running in the cold, and I don't care if there's snow on the ground. But ice is a problem. By the time I get out to run, it's dark, and if I can't see the ground, it's just too risky that I'll slip and fall.

So, yesterday, i did something that I really didn't want to do: I ran indoors on a treadmill.

Sweet Yoda, it was boring.

I only ran 3 miles, which under normal circumstances is easy-breezy. Done in no time. On the treadmill, even at my usual pace, it took for-freaking-ever. Not even the combination between my iPod and a trashy MTV show on TV could distract me from the pointless boringness of what I was doing. And there is no sign of any thaw any time soon, so I am going to be stuck doing this for the foreseeable future. BLECH.

In general, I am out of sorts. I'm over the flu, but my cough lingers, so I often find myself wheezing or hacking up a lung. And now Jack is sick, which has not diminished his energy level, but has increased his whininess and neediness. He also cannot manage to stay asleep all night, so he'll come dragging into MommyDaddy room to tell me that he wants a drink of water - from the glass that he walked past in order to find me and give me this news. Or, even more pathetically, "Mommy, will you sleep with me?" Apparently, just having me on the floor next to his bed was comforting enough for him to go back to sleep, the poor little guy.

Really, this entire post is about me complaining.


Kent said...

Complain away -- why should you be any different than the rest of Iowa? :-) I hear you about this ice and terrible environment for running. I on the other hand had a really good treadmill run last night as I finally actually ran. It might have been only 4 miles, but when your entire spring of training had flashed before your eyes, I'll take a darn dreadmill run with little pain.

I tell you it's hard to complete a really good audiobook (Duma's Key by Stephen King) or get caught up on all my podcasts (T-A-L and WNYC's Radio Lab) when you aren't spending quality time with your sneakers.

newsjunkie said...

Oh I agree 100%, I can't STAND running on a treadmill! I hope the ice melts soon for you!

When I had that chest cold right after New Year's it lingered too, I found myself congested again a week after I thought I was cured. Blah! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Marcy said...

OMFG HAHAHAHAHHAAHAAA The last line is killer "Really, this entire post is about me complaining."

Nibbles said...

Treadmills totally blow, I agree! I hope the poor little guy is feeling better. I read that little kids get something like 10 colds a year. I can only sympathize--and admire you and parents everywhere!