Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What Do I Know?

Sunday night, I was chatting with Steve and said, "You know what? Screw potty training for the time being." After all, we're going to Disney World in a little over a month, and it's not like Jack's going to figure it all out before then. We might as well just forget about the whole thing until after we get back. It was agreed, and it was a sound policy.

Then, I picked Jack up from my mom's house last night. Little man was lounging around in his t-shirt and a pair of underwear. My mom reported that he was interested in using the potty, did a fantastic job, and insisted on wearing his new (and awesome) Spider-Man underwear like a big boy.

So, yeah - what do I know?

On the way home, I told Jack how proud of him I was. I asked him if he wanted to go to Target after dinner to buy more big boy underwear, and he was all over that idea. I told him I'd get him whatever kind he wanted, and I don't think I'd even finished the sentence when he requested Thomas. Upon further thought, he decided he'd also like Elmo. And at the store, he put a pack of Cinderella underwear in the cart, which I removed when he wasn't looking. I'm a liberal mom, but I draw the line at cross dressing.

Is he really interested? Who knows. But in case he is, we are stocked up on Thomas and Elmo underwear - and carpet cleaner.


littlemonstercallum said...

We found with Callum it was best to take it slowly. We started just training him around the home and when he was comfortable at home with no nappy on we'd do short little trips out with him, say a five minute walk round the corner to get some milk or a walk round the block. I think they tell you in their own way when they are ready and as long as you keep calm about it and do lots of encouragement it goes well. I know some parents say it can be done in a week when they stay indoors and do nothing but concentrate on the whole toilet training thing but not all of us have the whole week thing available and not every child is that willing. Maybe while Jack is at home see how he goes and then put those pull up nappies on him while you're out so that he knows there's a difference. Good luck I hated the whole toilet training thing, it was darn hard but that first time you go shopping and don't have to buy any nappies is such a milestone and a big yippeee!

K said...

Go Jack! We too have some Thomas undies, but they're in the drawer until he starts expressing an interest in the potty. So far, he has an interest in the Thomas part, but not so much the potty that goes with it.

cherylann said...

I think Joss had about 20 pairs of panties (Princess, Curious George, Dora, Tinkerbell...) before she started using the potty earnestly. Good Luck. They say that kids might go on the potty for a few weeks then have a relapse. I'm still waiting for the relapse. It's totally true what they say... when they are ready they will let you know. Way to go Jack!

thordora said...

Just relax. Vivian had TONS of pairs at the outset, which made it novel, and we took our time.

Sounds like you're on the right track.

(And as much as Viv likes superheros, and I don't like gender boundries, I wasn't getting her the boy Hulk ones)

the weirdgirl said...

It just go to prove that it's right when you give up (or delay) something that it starts falling into place. Congrats on Jack's new interest!

I haven't even started yet but I'm planning on buying lots of Cars undies.