Friday, August 31, 2007

The Color Game

Jack and I were in the car this morning when this went down...

Jack: I know! Let's play The Color Game!
Me: Okay, sounds good. What color should we do first.
Jack (looking pointedly at Roary): NOT orange.
Me: How about blue?
Jack: No, my want to do yellow.
Me: Okay, what's something that's yellow?
Jack: Shrek candy!
Me: Hey, yeah! There's yellow Shrek candy. Good one, Jack.
Roary: Shrek candy!
Me: Can you think of anything else that's yellow, Jack?
Jack: No, Mommy. I did my job. It not my turn anymore. You do your job.

1 comment:

cherylann said...

hahaha... that's funny. Whenever we get into the car with the Bean we have to play "Red Car"- which is basically her finding a red car and screaming out about it. Thanks alot Caillou. Maybe we'll try your game next.