Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dios mio!

Can I tell you a secret, Internet?

Dora The Explorer is kind of growing on me.

The pace of the show is still excruciatingly slow. "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?" For the love of Yoda, Dora, it's the map, just like it is in every single episode. The loooong pauses are undoubtedly great if you're a preschooler, but if you're not, they are painful.

And sure, Boots is cool, but what about her creepy squirrel friend Tico, he of the multicolored vest and flying/floating/rocket ship car?

I'd hate to meet that dude in a jungle.

But Jack loves the show so much that I have to admit, his enthusiasm is contagious. I love hearing him answering Dora, telling her, "Swiper right there, Dora! No more swiping!" He also pays very close attention to the show and can tell you all about it. The stories as told by Jack are always more amusing.

"Mommy, Boots thought he saw bear, but Isa was being bear! That funny! Dora and Boots thought the bear was in the cave, but him no was in the cave. Bear was in the grass!"

At the end of the show, when Dora asks which part of the adventure you liked best, I always want to tell her that my favorite part was watching Jack.

I know that after a painfully long pause, she'd nod sagely and say, "I liked that part, too."


cherylann said...

I find myself reading the Dora books to the Bean like I am Dora herself... "Do YOU want to help Diego find the baby whale??? ME TOO! Let's GO!" I annoy myself. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Have you yet begun to sass Dora when she asks a question? For example:

Dora: How do we get over Number Mountain?
Me: You HIKE, you wimpy little mooch! Where's Tico now with your free ride? Did you even give him gas money? I didn't THINK so!