Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scribble, Scribble

Looks like we've got a new favorite toy. Jack and I went to Caribou Coffee after work/school on Friday. They had a new toy there, a Magna Noodle. Jack took a shine to it right away. It took him about two seconds to figure out how to use the pen to scribble on it, and he was entranced. I was impressed that he was doing some genuine scribbling, so of course, he and I hit Target the next day to get him one of his very own. And how could I resist the cute Elmo and Cookie Monster version? It also makes all kinds of noises that amuse Jack, though sometimes that feature gets accidentally turned off.

Steve picked Jack up at school yesterday and started talking to the newest teacher. She reported that Jack likes to go to the other classrooms to visit the other kids. She also said that he loves to chase girls. No surprise there.

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