Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Jack has two new hobbies, one more endearing than the other. The less cute new enterprise is to try to wedge himself into very small places. That might be the corner between the table and the wall, a spot between two big toys, the space under his high chair... things like that. Then he realizes that he's stuck, so he starts to cry and whine. When we release him from his self-created prison, he cries some more, like he really misses Frustration Corner.

He has also taken lately to doing Feats of Strength, just like his daddy and his friends do when they've been drinking. Jack will find the biggest, heaviest object in the room that he might reasonably lift (say a 12 pack of soda) and will attempt to hoist it. Lots of manly grunting is involved, and if he finally does manage to pick up the object, he grins at us proudly. Last night he repeatedly clean-jerked the laundry basket, then discovered it was fun to bang it against the wall.

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K said...

What is the mystery of the high chair space? Andy does the same thing. He crawls over the bar legs only to repeatedly crawl in and out. I wouldn't consider that a comfy endeavor unless you thing one inch aluminum rods under your knees feels good.