Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cheese 1, Jack 0

Yesterday was Steve's birthday, and I gave him a huge basket of wines, cheeses, chocolates, and such for us to enjoy for Happy Hours out on the deck. One of the cheeses was a buffalo spice cheddar, which sounded like fun. The boys and I were hanging out in the kitchen, and the next thing you know, Jack had pulled the cheddar off of the table and bit into it through the cellophane. Then, his eyes started watering, his nose started running. It was some spicy cheese, and Jack was not happy with that at all! Steve and I managed to stop laughing for long enough to give him a saltine, which cured him.

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K said...

He bit through the cellophane? Okay, now that's really funny. So being from the Midwest, is cheese the food of your people?