Monday, January 16, 2006

Nights Two and Three

We did indeed get lucky with how well Night One went, but the past two nights really have gone pretty well.

Saturday night, I had friends over for Moms' Night Out. Steve put Jack to bed, but the little guy woke up pretty quickly - I think we were too loud. The women and I went downstairs while Steve got Jack back to sleep.

He woke up at 2:00, far more awake than he had been the night before. He cried for an hour and a half before he finally went to sleep. That wasn't so great, but what was good was the fact that when he did go to sleep, he was by himself, rather than with one of us in the room helping him.

All three of us were pretty tired on Sunday. Steve and I probably would have been fine if we'd gone to bed earlier, but what can you do? In the evening, we gave Jack a bath, then I took him downstairs for some quiet time. I popped in an Elmo video, and the Cub snuggled up against me and quietly watched the show. He was just too sweet.

I took him up to bed at 7:30, and he started to cry shortly after I left the room. I set the timer for ten minutes, and he stopped crying pretty soon. I started to sneak into his room to put a blanket over him and was surprised to see that he was awake and sitting quietly in his crib. I got out of there fast, before he could see me. I didn't hear another peep from him, so he must have gotten to sleep all on his own. Go, Jack!

At 3:00, he woke up and cried for us. We started our 10 minute wait, and towards the end, he was almost completely quiet, with a little whimper here and there. Steve said he wanted to leave him alone to see if he'd sleep, which seemed like a good idea - no sense going in to potentially disrupt an almost sleeping boy. He did get a little more agitated, so Steve went back in, helped him calm down, and set up a line of backup binkies in case Jack needed one. A few minutes after Steve left, he started to cry again, so I noted the time and started my 15 minute wait. Jack got himself back to sleep. Altogether, I think it lasted about an hour. Yay!

I am really happy with how this is going so far. As I've been telling Jack when I go in to comfort him, he really can do this himself. I am also glad that Steve and I finally decided to do this. All three of us could use a full night's sleep, and by helping Jack every time he cried, we really weren't doing him any favors.

Fingers crossed that night four will go well. I'm ready for wherever it takes us.

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