Thursday, January 19, 2006

Night Six

I can hardly believe it- Jack slept all night again!

He woke up at 5:20, which is not idea, but not bad, either. I went in, gave him a binky, and helped him lie back down. It was like hitting the snooze button- he slept for another 25 minutes or so.

I am really proud of my little guy. I think I'll do something special for him this weekend, maybe get him an Elmo video or something like that.

Jack was in a great mood last night. At one point, he and Steve were on the floor together, their heads next to each other. Steve would tug on Jack's shirt, and Jack would giggle. Honestly, with moments like that in my life, how can I not be happy?

Jack's latest hobby is pointing to various things he sees. He'll point to the squeaky fish on his bathtub and go, "Da!" I'll tell him it's a fish, and he'll point to it again. He's not talking yet, but I think this really indicates an interest in language on his part. He's going to bust out with the talking before too long, and it sounds like he'll want to increase his vocabulary as much as possible.

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