Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cute Cub Stories of the Week, Starring Daddy

Cute Story #1:
At daycare, this week, Jack was hanging out in his class when a bald man walked by the room. Jack, of course, immediately thought it was Daddy. He thought Daddy was, inexplicably, ignoring him and not picking him up. He completely freaked out and just burst into tears. He was so upset that his teacher took him to see the other man to show him that it was not his daddy. As soon as he saw the other man up close, he totally calmed down. I'd love to have known what his thoughts were during the whole episode. Something like, "Hey, it's Daddy! Yay! I love Daddy! Wait, where are you going, Daddy? WHAT THE HELL? DAAAADDDDYYY! WAHH! ... Oh. Hello, Sir. How embarassing."

Cute Story #2
For quite some time now, when the three of us are hanging out in the family room, if I go upstairs, Jack will toddle over to the baby gate at the base of the stairs, hang on the bars, and cry. I swear, he's only missing a tin cup to rattle against the bars, and his crying is just pitiful. I guess it's flattering that he misses me so very much in the time it takes me to go upstairs and get a glass of water, but it's also a little annoying. Steve usually distracts him by throwing stuffed animals at him, but the other night, he tried something new. Steve crawled over and sat next to Jack. He then grabbed onto the bars and started mock-crying, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" Jack stopped crying, took Steve's hands off the bars, and gave him a hug. Little guy wanted to make his dad feel better!

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K said...

I can understand Jack's pain. That happens to me all the time.