Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad luck duathalon

I cannot wait for the fling I am having with biking to end so that I can get back to my true love, running.

I planned an hour-long bike ride this morning and did my best to enjoy it. I tried not to think about how I'd really prefer to have my feet on the ground and just use my own body to move forward. I cruised through pretty neighborhoods and enjoyed the fall leaves.

Then, a mile and a half away from home, something screwy happened with the bike. The pedals locked up, there was something wrong with the chain, and basically, the damned thing didn't work anymore.

Crap in a hat.

And while they say that you never forget how to ride a bike, I can promise you that you do, in fact, forget how to fix the chain on your bike when it goes kablooey.

I had no choice but to start walking home, towing my useless bike along with me. All the way, I thought about how if I were running, this would not have happened.

Running is simple, beautiful, and free. There is no equipment that can suddenly fail in the middle of a run that keeps you from finishing. You either keep running, or you walk home... and if you walk home, you don't have to lug a stupid bike with you.

The good news is, a mile and a half long walk did not hurt my leg. I may be able to switch from biking to walking, which would be great.


Karen said...

Crap in a hat - I might have to steal that phrase... At least you were only 1.5 miles from home. I have mechanical fear of biking too. If something falls apart out there, I am toast. I know, there are classes but...

Meg Runs said...

Yep, biking is too technical for me! Give me a pair of legs, properly shod and I'm a happy girl! Hope you can get back to it soon!

Roisin said...

Yep...bikes are not to be trusted!