Thursday, October 09, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The topic of this week's Take It and Run Thursday is "Signs you would love to see when running a race." It's great when spectators bring signs to a race, and it really can lift your spirits when you need it.

There are some general signs that I've always liked -
  • You're All Kenyan to Me

  • Your Feet Hurt Because You're Kicking So Much Ass

  • or even a simple


  • are all cool.

    I really like signs that are personal. When my brother ran his first marathon, we made signs for him. Andy is a very tenacious person. One of his many accomplishments is that in 1992, he was the Doughnut Eating King of Moline High School (a fact that is on his resume to this day). Andy ate a ridiculous amount of doughnuts in a very short period of time. He was so focused and so determined that my cheer for him was simply, "Eat the doughnut, Andy!"

    How could my marathon sign say anything else but, "RUN THE MARATHON, ANDY!"

    During my marathon two weeks ago, I saw a woman holding a sign that said, "I Have Faith In You, Mom!" The sign wasn't for me, but the sentiment made me feel great. It brought to mind all of the people who have faith in me to finish my race. A "Way to Go, Bob!" sign makes me think, "Yeah, way to go, Bob. And way to go all of us. This is great!"

    Spectators should know that even if the sign they've made is personal for the runner they're watching, it really can make a difference to all of the runners out there on the course.

    Just ask my mom - she came to the marathon with a sign that said, "GO BETSY!" on it in huge letters. As fate would have it, another woman named Betsy (alas, not this Betsy or this one) was running close to me for much of the race. Every time she saw my mom, she'd yell, "Hey, I'm Betsy, too! Hold up the sign!"

    Every runner on the race course is going through their own journey, but we have many experiences in common. A race sign held aloft by a loving spectator may be intended for just one person, but will resonate with many. It will remind them of all the hard work they've done, all of the people who have supported them, and can give them a little extra strength to "RUN THE MARATHON!"


    Julianne said...

    Isn't it amazing that signs meant for other people encourage us so much? I see those while running and I get all emotional! *sniff*

    tfh said...

    Those are great signs. In fact I'm guessing the other Betsy stuck close to you just so she could have the benefit of your mom's sign!

    Leah said...

    I love pretending other peoples signs are for me ;) & chalk drawings too...

    Heather said...

    So true! I benefit from all the signs I see on the race course, whether they're for me or for another runner.

    Running Ragged said...

    I am pretty sure all the signs along the race course are just for me...they are, aren't they? ;)

    Roisin said...

    I agree!

    But personally, if I had the choice, I'd rather see the one that says "Just eat the doughnut!" while I'm running the marathon

    Blyfinn said...

    Oh I got him ice cream very soon after.

    The Happy Runner said...

    I always pretend other people's signs are for me!

    joyRuN said...

    I'll take a "Eat the doughnut" sign during a race!

    PS - LOVED your post about childbirth/marathon.

    Eurogirl said...

    I remember the doughnut eating! The Boy was amazing! I love that it's on his resume!

    thebets said...

    I may have to borrow that "GO BETSY!" sign in January! LOL...maybe our running paths will cross someday and our friends and family can consolidate signs.