Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My FIRST Attempts

Since I've officially decided to use FIRST to train for the Quad Cities Marathon, I am going to have to do something I really don't want to do. That is, incorporate cross training into my workout.

I kicked things off on Monday by going to the pool to run some laps. Let me begin by saying that I looked fantastic. I had on my sportiest looking swimming suit - a solid navy blue tankini (Tankini: The Official Swimwear of Moms Trying to be Cute), a new swimming cap, and goggles. I totally looked the part.

Then, I quickly discovered something. You guys, swimming is really catlicking HARD. Who knew you could sweat so much while in an indoor pool? My routine was to swim a lap, gasp for breath for 15 seconds, do a kickboard lap, gasp for breath for 15 seconds, and repeat.

I was almost finished when an old man in a speedo got into the lane next to me. He had hip problems that caused him to limp, but once he got in the pool, he proceeded to completely kick my ass.

Nevertheless, I'll keep at it. I will concede that I see the science behind cross training, and I do want to get to the starting line injury free. And if I have to take out Oldy McSpeedswimmer Tonya Harding style along the way? So be it.


xjvpastor said...

I have been thinking of venturing into the pool, but haven't got the nerve up yet! Thanks for the link to FIRST.

Nat said...

Oh I hear you on the swimming -sucktastically hard.

I'll be interseted in seeing how it goes.

TriGirl Thea said...

Oh great! I'm really keen to hear how you get on with the FIRST program.

And its true. Swimming is unbelievably tough. I think it might be down to the fact that most of us went swimming as kids - where it was all about playing in the water - but as adults we insist on ploughing up and down a lane. Which isnt nearly as easy and throwing a ball about or trying to ride on your friends back like a surf board!

Good Luck Betsy!