Friday, June 27, 2008

Bix at Six Kix

So, Internet, you guys probably have hometown races that you really like running. But I can confidently say*, mine kicks the most heiney-butt. Here in the scenic, and now mostly above water Quad Cities, we have the Bix 7. It's a seven mile race on a challenging, hilly course that attracts elite runners to the point where there are statues of Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit-Samuelson near where the Michelob Ultra will be at the post-race party.

Not only that, but every Thursday on the weeks preceding the race, there is an official Bix at Six training run on the race course. As fate would have it, I was scheduled to do a 7-mile tempo run last night, so I went for it.

Hundreds of people showed up, the streets were blocked off, spectators cheered, water stops were plentiful, and sprinklers cooled us off... again, all for a training run.

It was a great night to be a runner.

Oh, also? I run 7.21 miles (the training course is a little bit farther) in 1:06 something. Woo hoo!

*unless you live in, um, Boston, or something, which totally doesn't count.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh man, that sounds like a blast.

newsjunkie said...

You rock!

My favorite is the Jingle Bell 10K in DC every December. I've only done it once but I can't wait to do it again this year!

Joe said...

What a fun race. Can't beat training with hundreds of people either. Very cool.


Nitmos said...

Beer at the finish is always a sign of a good race.

Nice job!