Friday, May 09, 2008

Oedipus Wrecks

The other night, Jack and I were talking about princesses. As you do. And I asked him which princess is his favorite. He amended his initial response of "all of them" to say Princess Giselle. Why? "Because she wears that beautiful big white dress, Mommy. You should get one like that."

I told Jack that I do have a big white dress like that. In fact, my big white dress is probably only slightly smaller than the comically exaggerated dress from Enchanted. Jack was amazed that I have a dress like that, yet do not wear it every single day, because really, why wouldn't you?

Before he could suggest that I get my dress out of the place where I have it hermetically sealed, I distracted him with an album of wedding pictures. Jack loved them. Not only did they feature a very glamorous Mommy and Daddy, but lots of other people Jack knows. Seeing his older, sophisticated (he is 12, after all) cousin Devin as a baby? Fascinating. Then, Jack and I had this conversation.

Jack: Mommy? When you get married again, will you marry me?

Me: I can't, buddy. I'm already married to Daddy.

Jack: Well, then what am I supposed to do?

I suggested that he could marry somebody else. Somebody smart and funny and... "Membe Cinderella," Jack suggested. Then he had an even better idea: Princess Jasmine, from Aladdin. After all, Princess Jasmine is brave, smart, pretty, and has a pet tiger, just like Jack. Clearly, the two of them already have a lot in common.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

We've had a very similar convo over here!! I don't want to pick a some other girl, I pick you. HA HA very sweet. At least they still like us right now.

Meg said...

Aw, I remember asking my Dad if I were his age if he'd marry me.

Nitmos said...

What, no love for Belle? The smart ones always go overlooked!

The Laminator said...

That's too cute!