Tuesday, May 06, 2008



I need your help!

I think that Paula, my beloved Garmin Forerunner 205, is bruising my wrist.

I suppose it stands to reason that if you wear a watch the size of a Buick that this kind of thing would happen. As I run, Paula apparently whacks against that little round knobby bone on my left wrist.

Anyone else have this going on? Any ideas?

My one thought is to wear a wristband under Paula, to kind of cushion my wrist. And, if I have to, I'll just wear her on my right wrist for the trisko.

Save me, Internet! Prove that you're good for more than just eBay and porn.


Nibbles said...

I second your wristband idea. I'd just put some BodyGlide underneath the wristband to prevent chafing.

Marcy said...

Do you have her on tight enough? I've never had that prob before . . . .

Meg said...

Maybe try wearing the face on the bottom of your wrist? Sometimes that's more comfortable to me.

TriGirl Thea said...

Yes. A third vote for the wristband.

The only other thing I could think of was to wear it in a pouch around your upper arm, like an ipod. Thats assuming you cant tighten it further. But obviously this means that you cant track your pace while you run, and I'm not sure the design of the straps would even make this possible.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

For our first expedition out together, it stayed alive for like 2/10 of a mile, I've worn it for about 2.5 miles; but I could see that happening.

I actually got home & searched my teens room for a wrist band, put it on under mygarmin & wha-la, it fit, & didn't jiggle around. No that it moved ALOT, but enough that I was like, WTF?? & as I got sweaty, it moved more. & itried to tighten it, btu it cut my circulation.

the WRISTBANDS the answer there girl-y!!! I'll try it running tonight & let ya know!!!

BTW, nice meeting oyu, I've read alot about you! :o)

newsjunkie said...

I'd also go with the wristband idea.

And good luck Sunday!!! I know you're gonna do great!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

"The internet is for porn"

That is a great song from Avenue Q. Now it's in my head. :D

Hope you got this figured out. Good luck with that trisko. You are gonna rock.

Eurogirl said...

The fact that your garmin is named "Paula" is fabulous for SO many reasons...;)