Friday, October 12, 2007

Where Have I Been, Part 3

On Saturday, October 6, my good friends Dan and Liana (aka Danana) got married. The wedding was special, not just because I love the Danana like family, but because I had the opportunity to marry them.

At Danana's request, I found a place online where I could become an ordained minister. Then, I did some research and worked with Danana so I could write the ceremony.

Here's one of the things I said:
I was friends with Dan and with Liana before they became Dan and Liana - or, Danana, if you prefer. I watched as their friendship grew into something even more special, as the two of them fell so deeply in love that they couldn’t imagine spending another day apart.
It has given me such joy to see the way that their relationship has made both of them happier. I love Dan and Liana separately, but I love them together even more together. They compliment each other and make each other so happy.

I really feel like I did something good for the universe in playing even a small part in getting the two of them married. They are best friends and true partners. They take such good care of each other, and I know they always will.

It was important to me that I do a good job with the ceremony, and one of my biggest goals was to not cry. Seriously, people, the minister does not cry. Kind of detracts from the bride and groom, which is definitely not cool. But sweet Yoda, it was hard. I practiced the ceremony several times, marrying an array of ducks that were outside while Danana got their pictures taken. And this part killed me, even when reading to the ducks:
Dan and Liana, you have stood before us today and promised yourselves to each other from this moment on. You may not know what the future holds, but you do know that you’ll face it hand in hand, side by side with your very best friend, the person who loves you more than anything. In those days ahead, may you always remember the happiness and love that you felt for each other on this day.

I am happy to say I got through it with no tears. There were people in the audience who cried, but I held it together.

And the weekend? So. Much. Fun. Our friends are an absolute blast, and I wish they'd all move here so we could do this more often. I also can't wait for Dan and Liana to come back from their honeymoon, because I miss them!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

OH man, no way in hell could I have gotten through that without being a blubbering idiot. Great work.

The hair looks great!!

I wonder if the half and full will be started at the same time. Would love to give you a hug and tell you good luck!! You are going to be great!

thordora said...

man, I almost starting crying reading that here!

How grand of you to do something like this for them!