Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For the past week, one thought keeps running through my head:

I'm really going to do this, aren't I?

Because, oh my god, Internet - my marathon is on SUNDAY.

The damn thing is so close that I can no longer refer to it as "at the end of October" or "on the 21st." It is on Sunday. Soon.

I believe I am experiencing what is known as Taper Madness. Because I no longer have 40 miles a week of running, or a pending trip to Disney World, or the need to marry two of my friends - to distract me, I am going a little nuts.

It is a huge leap of faith to think that just because I ran 20 miles a few weeks ago, I can go ahead and throw in another 6.2, and a combination of adrenaline and crowd support will make it do-able. Especially because that 20 miles was not easy. But you know what? If Hal Higdon says it'll work, then I will just have to trust him.

I am also excited. Excited to get out there and run more than the 8 miles I did on Sunday. 8 miles, which used to be the farthest I'd ever run without stopping, and now feels puny. Excited to be part of the crowd. To see what I can do. And even to hopefully meet fellow runners like The Runner Formerly Known as Non-Runner Nancy and the gang from Runner's Lounge.

No matter how things go on Sunday (and I reluctantly admit that I do believe that I will finish the race and will survive, not that I want to jinx myself), the experience of training has been awesome. I have pushed myself to do things I never did before. Sometimes it was hard (that's what she said), but it was always worth it. Also cool? If we're in the car and Jack sees a runner, he'll say, "That lady running like Mommy." That makes me proud.


cherylann said...

Please know that while you are freaking out, I am rooting you on. You are amazing. Keep running, and when you start freaking out and thinking you can't run another step- think about how proud everyone is of you- whether you cross the finish line or not. Run like the wind, Betsy!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

And my kids say, "if you're so slow, how come you sweat so much!" HA HA.... they are honest, the little ones.

You are going to do great. Sounds like the weather might even cooperate. Have a great time and let the training do the talking. :D

K said...

I think if you can endure labor, handle a colicy baby and live with your parents for several months, I have no doubt that you can run 26 miles. It's a piece of cake compared to that other stuff.

Good luck and kick ass!

Road Warrior said...

You're ready for this. All of this channeled energy will pay off when the gun goes off!

Kent said...

Hey any one who can run over 10 miles in Florida ON VACATION in that heat, can run in the cool October air of Des Moines. You are going to do great.

Amanda said...

You are ready! Trust your training. You'll do great.

I can't wait to read your report.