Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too Many Teardrops

There is far too much crying going on in my house these days.

In the last week or so, Jack has entered into a gigantic crybaby phase. The tiniest little bump sends him into a tizzy, crying and wailing, "Got it boo-boo!" If he were actually hurt, it'd be one thing, but if you stub your toe just a little bit, then suck it up. The last thing I want is the kind of kid who knows he'll get attention for all of these fake injuries. So, I pretty much ignore him, tell him to shake it off, or suggest that he tell Roary about it. I know he'll get over it, and I know that he is, in fact, looking for attention. In the meantime, it's just annoying.

Worse, Jack is currently the president of the Mommy Fan Club and is undergoing some serious seperation anxiety. Last Thursday, I picked him up from his new daycare center, and let me tell you, he was having a blast. He was having so much fun dancing to The Wiggles and following Miss Rita in a march around the room that he didn't even realize I was there until the song ended.

In sharp contrast, the very next day, he started freaking out about a block away from school. He cried and wailed and begged me not to leave him. I've had him cling to me before, but this was the worst it's ever been. I know that he'll stop crying soon after I leave, and I know that he's a social kid and loves school, but it absolutely broke my heart to see him cry like that.

When I left the classroom, I was pretty upset. Carol, the director, peeked in and said that he was already starting to calm down. She ordered me to call her as soon as I got to the office to check in, which was really nice of her. Still, I broke down in tears as soon as I got to the car, then started crying again when Steve called and I told him about it.

Sure enough, the little punk was fine about five minutes after I left and was playing and having fun. But every single time I've had to leave him since then, it's been similarly tough. I am usually pretty stoic about the seperation anxiety, but I am having a lot of trouble with it right now. It's just a horrible way to start the day.


K said...

I think they're starting to know the power they have over us when they cry like that. Little buggers.

The new center sounds great though.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, crazy running lady (my favorite comment ever on running: why would you run if no-one was chasing you? I know - exhilarating, exercise, WHATEVER). I just realized that it has been ages since I checked in on your blog. Bad Friend. Congratulations on all the new developments! I would love to see pictures of Stately Wasser Manor sometime.

Anna had a similar run of separation anxiety with me at her old school (Eric drops her off now, so I get to not know if she has a rough drop-off). Exactly the sort of thing you're describing, most mornings, and me trying to leave with a 2-year-old, 30-pound appendage on my right leg. It passed, it really did, and Jack's will, too. The best sign in the world is that he has a blast there once he gets going.


roxy daisy said...

Ack! I feel your pain. When I backed down Papaw's driveway Emsy was splayed against the glass door with her face all red and scrunched and hysterical. Killed me. Especially since I debated taking her to the doctor for a little rash. Our poor boos:(

Also, it really does sound like you've found a great daycare!

cherylann said...

I am a SAHM so fortunately I have never had to deal with seperation anxiety... I say fortunately for her- me, I could use a little seperation!! ps- I love how he calls his tiger Roary!!!