Monday, July 09, 2007

Medium Boy Bed

Friday evening, Jack declared, "Mommy big. Daddy big. Jack tiny. Jack getting bigger." Steve told me that Jack has been talking a lot lately about how he is little compared to the rest of us. The two of them had gone to the pool that day, and Steve got an admission bracelet. Jack did not get a bracelet because, being under three, he gets in for free. But of course, he's not so much focused on that, but rather that he doesn't get a fabulous orange plastic bracelet. Jack has told Steve that he is tiny, but is getting bigger.

It was really a perfect transition.

I agreed with Jack that he is getting bigger. So much bigger, in fact, that it's probably time for him to not sleep in his crib anymore, but rather in his big boy bed. Steve, picking up on the thread, agreed. He also said that because Jack is such a big boy now, he should help Mommy put the bed together.

Jack was totally excited. And believe it or not, he was actually quite helpful when I put the bed together. It was handy having him get me whatever screw I needed at the time. And I think that his "helping" with the bed made it all the more exciting for him. Of course, it was even more thrilling when I put the Elmo sheets on it. That was money well spent, right there.

Even more miraculously, after we put Jack to bed, he stayed there. All night. Without magically appearing downstairs and happily declaring, "Jack awake now!"

The very best thing about Jack's transition to the Medium Boy Bed came on Saturday morning. Steve was in bed, thinking about getting up, when he heard Jack's sound machine turn off. Then, he heard the door open, then a few minutes later, Jack bounded into our room to greet him. It was a great way to start the day.


K said...

Andy, fortunately (knock of wood), isn't so keen on getting out of his room, but I do find that he gets out of bed frequently to get a toy or a book to take back to bed with him.

Also, the best thing about his bed was we bought him a little stool. I think that's his favorite part. He gets upset if I take him out or put him in bed without letting him use the stool first.

roxy daisy said...

How cute. I eat up your adorable toddler stories like candy:) Jack seems to have such a distinctly likeable personality! It's so awesome looking forward, and watching Emsy becoming more person-y every day.

Poor deprived kid already has an adult bed, albeit with baby rail. Maybe we can make a big deal and get fancy new sheets when she wants to sleep alone like a big girl. Ooh, or if she's a girly girl maybe a canopy of frilliness:)

littlemonstercallum said...

Jack is growing up so quickly. Lucky you that you got to keep him in a cot for so long. Is he still loving his medium boy bed?

newsjunkie said...

Awwww yay for Jack!!

And I'm jealous you can get that Nike+ thing to show up on your blog, I can't get the code to work on mine. :/