Monday, July 23, 2007

The Age of Discovery

Yesterday, as Steve was changing Jack's diaper, he attempted to distract him with a little dance. The dance was goofy and included Steve hiking up his shirt to expose his belly (sorry, baby - abs)... and more.

Jack: Daddy, what's that?
Steve: Um, those are my nipples.
Jack: Want those off there.
Steve: I can't take them off. They're part of my body.
Jack: Want those off there.
Steve: Sorry, buddy - they're part of my body. Look, you have some, too.
Jack: Where Jack's nipples?
Steve: See, there they are.
Jack: Here Jack's nipples!
Jack: Here Daddy's nipples!
Jack: Where Mommy's nipples?

Could it be more obvious that I didn't breast-feed him?


cherylann said...

Ahahaha! My daughter is obsessed with nipples AND bras. She grabs bras in stores and screams that they are for NIPPLES!!!

roxy daisy said...

Yep. Ems is obsessed too:) She thinks they are finger food. The minute she developed her pincer grasp she decided the nips are finger food to go with her nummins. Lovely. She's also reached the stage of grabbing my shirt and pulling it up or down to let me know she's ready to nurse Right. This. Minute!

K said...

I did breast feed Andy, but that's a foreign memory now. The last time he saw me naked he pointed to my breasts and said, "Ew. Yucky."

Quite the charmer.