Monday, February 26, 2007


First of all, thanks everybody for your kind words about Jack. He seems to be doing okay, mainly just feeling a little stir-crazy after being in the house for too long. I'm taking him to see his pediatrician this afternoon, and after that will somehow entertain him so he doesn't get bored and trash the place.

Here's a picture of the little man with his comically oversized bandage. I think that'll go away after he sees Dr. Kelly.

And on a different note, here's a picture of Jack's new Stern Face. He'll adopt this look to tell Swiper, "Hey! No more swiping!" or to say, "Hey! Mommy! No touch it bag." Okay, Jack.


nikki said...


oh my goodness, poor guy! i'm glad he's feeling better.

K said...

That is an awesome bandage. It almost looks like an appendage poking out his ear.