Friday, February 09, 2007


One of the things that I am love, love, loving about Jack lately is that he is getting to be so creative. He and I decorated sugar cookies last week (I should post photos of the delightful sugary mess), and it was great to see the many color combinations of sprinkles that he put together. Naturally, he's a kid, and one of the Immutable Laws of Kid-dom is More Sprinkles Is Better, but to combine blue, purple, pink, and hearts on a pink cookie? Gorgeous.

A few nights ago, Jack got out his book-blocks and started carefully lining them up in a long line. He told us that it was a choo-choo train and "no touch." Never have we shown him how to make blocks into a train; he came up with this himself. Then, he dismantled his train and grabbed some utensils from his kitchen. The choo-choo was now pizza, which he served to us. Oh, but it was hot, so he had to blow on it before we could eat it. In Jack's vast collection of plastic food, he actually has pizza, but he didn't go get it, preferring to pretend with the blocks. Very cool.

Jack also loves pretending to be various animals. His favorites seem to be the frog -- lots of jumping -- and the horse, which involves vigorous gallopping.

I was then talking to Steve about how imaginative Jack has been lately. Steve added that Jack shows lots of creativity, imagination, and pretending with Roary. He talks to Roary, Roary answers him, he feeds Roary crackers, and so on. All of this, Steve said, is developmentally important, and something that the kids he works with often don't display. He's right of course... but because I'm a wee bit nuts, I consider talking to your stuffed animals to be completely normal.

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Dysd. Housewife said...

Aren't they just giant sponges?? It's amazing how closely they watch us. My youngest son is 3, and he does many of the same things. (only he talks to tank-engines) MY two older kids are a year apart, and you should have seen some of the things they cooked up TOGETHER at that age!

PS~ I love your blog so much I put a link to you in my blog!