Friday, August 04, 2006

Calling All Mommy Readers!

Jack, ever the gentleman, likes to signify that he is done with his meal by throwing all of the leftover food on the floor. Sometimes this includes flicking globs of yogurt at his mother while she's on the floor picking up banana slices. Lovely.

When he starts throwing food, we tell him NO. Dinnertime is over, and we take him out of his highchair. So far this has had absolutely no positive effect whatsoever. Maybe it's early and things will work better if I give it time? No more dinner doesn't seem like much of a punishment when you consider that the reason he's chucking chicken nuggets is that he doesn't want to eat anymore.

Does anybody have any advice, or perhaps coupons for paper towels? Now is the time to de-lurk!


K said...

We have the same problem. I agree that getting him out when the point is he's done is no punishment. I just try to anticipate now and if he's done before I am, I just let him out to run around while we finish. Not a perfect solution, but it usually keeps the yogurt out of my hair.

the weirdgirl said...

OK, you have to go over and visit Partners in Parenting!

Mary P. and Laura are the gurus!! One was a teacher and has been doing daycare for years (Mary), and the other is working on her family counseling license with an emphasis on child development (Laura). The cool thing about both of them is that they will actually give you practical, applicable ideas to try out! Not just tell you to "set boundaries" without any tips.

Seriously, they're both great. I've been applying some of Mary's tips to deal with my son's sudden biting stage!