Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Circuit

One of my 2009 goals was to get more involved in my local running community. So, when I saw in our club newsletter that you could compete in something called the "race circuit," and that it was free, I figured why not?

Here's how the circuit works:

  • Run a 4Km to 4Mi you will earn 10 pts. for participating.

  • Run a 8Km to Half Marathon you will earn 15 pts. for participating.

  • Run a Marathon or greater distance you will earn 20 pts. for participating.

  • Run in a Duathlon you will earn 15pts. for participating.

  • Run a Relay Leg or part of a Duathlon Team you will earn 10 pts for participating

  • Volunteer for any event on the circuit and not run in it you will earn 10 pts.

  • Participate in CBRC Club Races you can earn double points.

  • Tie-Breakers will be determined by the most volunteer points.

I ran a lot of races this year, but not all of them were on our "circuit." I kept track casually of how I was doing, but didn't think about it too much. It turns out, I ran enough races to count - at our club meeting last night, I got second place in the women 30-39 group! And for my efforts, I scored a medal with our club's logo on it, and even better, a t-shirt! A red t-shirt, with all of the races listed on the back - in a technical fabric! I cannot wait to wear it out for a run.

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