Saturday, September 19, 2009


My half marathon trisko is a little over a week away. Since I'm husband-free this week and can't go out for a running, I'm grabbing inspiration elsewhere.

To kick things off, I am re-reading Once a Runner. Sure, the main character's race is 12.1 miles shorter than mine, but any runner can read this book and relate to what he's going through. It makes me want to throw on my running shoes, get out there, and WORK.

Then, I just finished watching my DVD of Spirit of the Marathon. I seriously think I should watch this movie before every single race that I run. I love that it shows the hard work and determination of the runners not just on race day, but during their training. It also makes me proud to see that the elite runners have many of the same challenges that the ordinary runners do.

Between Spirit of the Marathon and Once a Runner, I am so completely pumped to get out there and race that it may count as doping.


Kristin said...

I so love Spirit of the Marathon--haven't watched it for almost a year though! I should get it out. I have a half mary next weekend too and can always use a little extra adrenaline! Maybe watch Dean Karnazes' 50 Marathon movie too...for the shirtless scenes. I mean, for the inspirational message, of course!

Roisin said...

Spirit is my Friday night tradition! It gets me so ready for long runs :)

Mary Sailors said...

I need to check that DVD out!! I have my first half marathon in October!

Teamarcia said...

Have a great trisko, "doping" and all!

joyRuN said...

I need to watch Spirit of the Marathon again. I should've taped Running the Sahara - that was also incredibly motivational!