Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sock Monkeying

Peer pressure has been building on me in a big way to try compression socks. For a while there, it seemed like every blogger and her brother was getting a pair of compression socks to test out. (and by the way, I am more than happy to review any products any readers might have laying around. I have tens of readers!) Then, Runners World featured them as well. Across the board, people seemed to love them. Said they were comfortable and really aided in recovery after long runs. Also, they are knee socks, which is what I wear whenever possible during the winter. I had to try some myself.

The only thing holding me back was the $30 price tag. Maybe I'm cheap, you guys, but $30 is a lot to pay for a pair of socks. Other than my shoes, I don't know if I have any running gear that cost $30. Okay, maybe a jacket. But still!

Regardless, the peer pressure kept on pressuring (as is its job), and I finally caved and tried a pair of Recovery Socks.

The socks came lightning fast, and I could hardly wait for a long run to try them out. I ran a tough 12 miler in the pouring rain and was more than happy to put some cozy knee socks on.

Friends, they are indeed tight. You have to really pay attention to what you're doing to get them to fit right on your legs, but once you work that out, they are really comfy. I had experienced some cramping in my calves during the run, and that totally shut down as soon as I put on the socks. Score! I wore them all day (including hidden under a pair of jeans when I took Jack to the art museum). I felt great and had absolutely no soreness after my run.

The only drawback I found was that I really liked them, thus creating the need to buy more ridiculously expensive socks.

This time, I decided to mix it up with Recovery Socks' competitor Oxysox. Oxysox are a couple bucks cheaper, and as an added bonus, come in red. Just like the Recovery Socks, they came in the mail quickly.

I tried out the Oxysox after Sunday's trisko dress rehearsal ("half marathon training run"). I liked them even better than the Recovery Socks. They were easier to get on, slightly more comfortable, and did I mention they were red?

I plan on wearing my Crazy Expensive Socks after all of my long runs moving forward. Maybe even after really challenging speed work. And when I travel for races, I'll wear a pair right after the race, then another pair if I'm driving home the next day. The true test will come in the winter when I try them out under tights during a run for extra warmth.

And now, the peer pressure is on you. Any temptation to try Crazy Expensive Socks? What's your most expensive running gear (other than shoes)?


Mama said...

I'm really tempted by the socks, but we are heading into summer here and I'll barely be able to tolerate my little running socks, so I'll likely wait until fall to try them.

My newest addiction is a pair of Lululemon shorts. I heart them so much that I need more, more, more. They cost $42 a pair, which is way more than my usual cheap running items... My shoes (which I buy cheap on the 'net) barely cost more than that.

MCM Mama

Roisin said...

You too? I've been feeling the pressure as well, but it's just soooo hard to justify $30 for socks! Especially when I'm already broke. Maybe I'll buy a pair if they're selling them at the expo for my trisko this weekend :)

Irish Cream said...

I too made the mistake of buying "just one pair" of recovery socks . . . and now I am hooked. I think I'm going to have to buy more because I want to wear them all the time--it's sick! Why do they have to cost so much? Why?

Nitmos said...

Don't the beaded eyes hurt when running?

newsjunkie said...

I haven't tried them but now I'm intrigued.

I think the single most expensive piece of running gear I own other than my shoes is this 180s jacket:


It was SO worth it, I LOVE the little venting panel in the back--I can open or close it to regulate my temperature as I run with these cool bungee cord type thingies on the front and back. It has a back pocket that holds my keys, iPod, and Gu with no trouble, it has "sweat wipe" areas on the sleeves, and thumb holes to keep me a little warmer. And it's reflective like crazy. I don't regret buying it at all. And I paid full price for it too.

But most of the time I'm all about C9 by Champion from Target, or the clearance racks at my local running store.

Nat said...

It's all expensive... kills me really.

My Garmin had to be upthere. But the cost of Gels makes me gasp.. I mean it's just gooey sugar you know?

X-Country2 said...

I love my Recover Socks too! My only real splurg is Under Armor shirts in the winter. I don't even blink about spending $50 for one of the cold weather tops.

Run For Life said...

I've been wanting to try the recovery socks, too. My most expensive item would be a running top with silver threads in it (and I absolutely love it - definitely worth it!) I think it was $40.

N.D. said...

whats the difference between the recovery and oxysox? I felt the pressure and I don't know that the recovery socks were worth it! I'm sure the baby is tiring me out, but he's almost 3 months, and sleeping the night, so, what, am I catching up you think?

Lisa said...

I have recently been obsessing over compression socks reviews etc. It is actually pretty ironic that you wrote about them.

I may just cave...

Thanks for the review.