Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Quest

The theme this week at Runners' Lounge is running hopes, dreams, wishes, and whatnot (the "and whatnot" might not be in their official description of it, but the word whatnot is sadly underutilized). Take It and Run Thursday isn't until tomorrow, and I am already crafting a post that will be so beautiful and moving that you'll find yourself saying, in the words of Flight of the Conchords,

"I'm not crying
It's just been raining
on my face
And if you think you see some tear tracks down my cheeks
Please. Please, don't tell my mates"

Or maybe not. The point is that tomorrow's running hope, dream, wish, and whatnot from me will be on the more serious side. Today's RHDWW is a bit less so, though not so frivolous that I won't be using the proper term for it. And that term is Quest.

I am on a quest, Internet, for the perfect pair of winter running socks.

The socks I wear in warm weather are fine - they are no-show socks that don't give me blisters and are soft and cushy. Even better, they are C9 brand from Target, the Official Running Outfitter of Betsy, so they are reasonably priced and easy to buy.

But when the weather turns cold, they are inadequate. They leave my ankles exposed to snow and wind and my toesies freeze.

My perfect cold weather running socks must meet minimum running sock standards - providing some extra cushioning, and not providing blisters.

They also need to be very warm, but not itchy. Not ankle-length, but rather knee-length, to give some extra warmth under my tights*. And while we're dreaming, I'd prefer that they also be striped.

If any of you can help me in my quest, you will win a coveted Wasser No-Prize.

*Truth be told, I am toying with the idea of wearing my regular socks and putting a pair of legwarmers over the tights. One can actually purchase legwarmers not just in antique stores as you might imagine, but at the Official Running Outfitter of Betsy, Target. A concern is that people who see me out running and sporting a pair of legwarmers might laugh at me, though I suppose I could always respond with something diplomatic like, "Laugh it up, fatass; at least I'm out here running. And by the way, there's a Dorito stuck to your shirt."


Roisin said...

I like the Nike elite socks...they have a little cushioning and don't move too much. And I've never gotten a blister wearing them either!

tfh said...

Happy belated birthday!

I don't know about socks, but there was a runner in shorts and very cool colorful striped knee socks in one of my recent races. However, I also think you might be able to rock the legwarmers. I think anything that looks so uncool it's clear you're not even trying ends up looking RAD.

Lisa said...

I can't help you with socks, because I wear short socks pretty much all year (but I live in sunny San Diego where a cold day is 40 degrees).

As far as leg warmers, you might try a bicycle store. I bought biking leg warmers and they work for running. They may not make the same 80's fashion statement (these are lycra with fleece on the inside) but they are pretty comfy.

good luck with your quest

Jessica said...

I have some of the Smartwool running socks, and I like them very much. They only come to the ankle, though. But no itching! Just warm, toasty toes.
You might try their knee-high socks-- I know they have them in stripes!