Friday, December 19, 2008

12 Month Meme

The always cool Daisy Bones introduced me to a year-end meme. The way to play is to take the first sentence of your first post in every month of 2008. Ready? Let's start the show.

January: These past few days at Stately Wasser Manor have been tough.

February: Because, again, if you have a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, why wouldn't you wear it to the grocery store?

March: In these past few weeks of running, I feel like I have re-discovered My Special Purpose.

April: Jack: MOMMY! Roary poked me in the eye.

May: And babies, I've got questions.

June: Two years ago, a miraculous transformation took place.

July: Last night was a track workout for me, and let me tell you, the Moline High School Track is a totally hopping place on a Tuesday night.

August: Internet, I am starting to believe that all of this running might be good for my legs.

September: The last time we went to the library, Jack checked out a ton of coffee table style books about Star Wars.

October: Thank you to all of you beautiful, talented readers for your kind comments on my race report.

November: "Are you sure that thing is waterproof?"

December: 6 years to Master's status... Or, how a runner perceives turning 34.


Julianne said...

Oh this is super cool! Some of them out of context is kinda funny. Like the April one. Hope Jack's eyes recovered ok!

Ovens2Betsy said...

Thanks for the idea Betsy!

Nitmos said...

Ha! That is kinda cool...A summary of the year.

Frayed Laces said...

Haha that is awesome! Mine would be so boring