Thursday, July 03, 2008

Suits Me to a Tee

Take it and Run Thursday this week addresses an issue near and dear to the hearts of all runners: t-shirts. We run in them, and we all have boatloads of them in our dresser drawers from races. And there's nothing like a good running related t-shirt to put a smile on our faces.

My favorite running-related t-shirt is one that I don't wear for running at all, since it is (shudder) cotton. But I love to put it on after a tough run. It's from Life is Good, which is a sentiment that makes me smile, and it has a simple image and message.

When I wear that shirt, I feel like a runner - and like everyone who sees me knows it, too.

It's not a t-shirt, but I also love my running hat, which I bought at One More Mile, which is an excellent source for running slogans. It proudly proclaims:

And see? They have it on a shirt. The hat was a reward I bought myself after a long run in last year's marathon training. It helps me remember that the time I spend runnning is even better than hanging out at a bar drinking margaritas. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but it's really true.

The running shirts that Amy and Tom at Runner's Lounge have created over the past week have inspired me. I think I'm going to need a custom t-shirt for my marathon in September. One that includes my new mantra and will show all of the spectators what I'm made of. What do you guys think?


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh yes, you definitely need to make that one up!!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Yep, that is definitely you!

merrymishaps said...

I linked to One More Mile, too. They've got the best stuff!

And, yes, make the shirt :)

Nitmos said...

I believe the Marathon Mama has a nice shirt - or link to a shirt - that says "Run Like A Mother" which might be up your alley.

Irish Cream said...

I love it!! :)

Josh F said...

Great post!

Jodie said... the shirts.

I wear my "gotta run" shirt all the time. I love the 'Life is Good' stuff.

Leah said...

Love the "tough mother" one. :)