Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jack is Awesome

This morning, Jack threw a gigantic, crying tantrum because he could not wear his sunglasses. So, what better time than now for me to remind myself of why Jack is awesome.

  • Jack continues to prove that he is Steve's and my son with his Star Wars obsession. Yesterday, he looked in a stack of DVDs and handed me Return of the Jedi, saying, "Want watch this one, Mommy. Has Rancor in it." I absolutely love that he knows that, even though the Rancor isn't even on the box. I just got him some new Star Wars action figures, and it is a stitch to hear him playing with them. Vader will tell Luke, "Yuke, my your father," and Luke will yell "Nooo!" and jump off the coffee table. I also get a real kick out of hearing Jack say "bounty hunter."

  • He is doing a really amazing job with the potty training. Last week was 98% accident free, which is pretty darned good for his first week of underwear. He no longer argues about whether or not he should try. He even once suggested it himself, without prompting. Last night, he came over and told me he'd had an accident. You might not think this is something to cheer about, but the silver lining is that he at least understood what happened, instead of complaining that his chair was wet. Yeah, your chair is wet; you peed on it. Duh.

  • Steve and I used to say when Jack was a baby that his job was to spread joy everywhere he went. He was, after all, the smiliest baby you ever saw. Well, he continues to spread joy. You would not believe how he charmed every single person in the doughnut shop we went in on Saturday. He was all smiles, in a face completely covered in chocolate and sprinkles, happily chatting away about how we were going to swimming class and how he was going to throw his duck in the water.

  • I love the way he distinguishes Hank McCoy Beast from Beauty and the Beast Beast as "Blue Beast" and "Brown Beast."

  • The way he asks me, "Mommy, you going to runinng?" when he sees me in my running clothes. And that I can count on him for a high five and a kiss on the cheek when I get back.

  • The way he rubs Roary's tail when he's tired.

  • The fact that, thank Yoda, he seems to be over the seperation anxiety, at least for now. It's almost like a switch flipped and he realized, "Wait a minute! I have fun at GrandmaGrandpa house. Why would I cry?" and "School is great! My friends are here!"

    Non-Runner Nancy said...

    Cute - aren't they so much fun? We are at the same spot in potty training with our little one!! He is about 90% accident free and often suggests going. He even gets up dry and tells us he has to go. But, still a few accidents. We are getting there. Don't you love how they say things? I've started writing some down. My favorite, "Some milk would feel me better." {make me feel better} Always good to remind yourself why they are so special after one of those fits! :)

    D.Wilmington said...

    Whenever you thank Yoda it makes me think of our Luke "hiding" on the stairs in order to ambush Count Dooku. He yells "I tricked you!" jumps down, spins around flailing, and defeats the evil Count with his jumping and lightsabering dexterity.

    He also builds AT-AT's (and the generators) with his blocks and snow speeders with his TinkerToys.

    Jack the Jedi rocks. We miss you guys.