Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Getting Dressed

Me: Okay, Jack. Time to put on your shirt.
Jack: Noo!
Me: Come on, Cub. Put on your shirt and we'll go bye bye.
Jack: Noooo!
Roary: I'll wear the shirt. It looks nice.
Me: Roary, you can't wear Jack's shirt!
Jack (laughing): Ro!
Roary: It's going to look good.
(Roary puts on Jack's shirt)
Me: Oh, Roary. Oh, no.
Roary: What? It's nice?
Me: Jack, come look at this.
Jack: Too big, Ro.
Me: Jack, do you want to put on the shirt?
Jack: Yep.

I can then repeat this little scene over and over again for each and every article of clothing. It sure would be easier if that little nutball would just let me get him dressed, but at least "too big, Ro" works.

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