Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Socks Life

My socks life has been pretty boring for quite a while.

For most of the time that I've been a runner, my socks have been totally vanilla. From 1984-2007, you could describe them in three words: cheap white cotton. When I decided to train for a marathon, I upgraded to cheap white non-cotton, fearing blisters.

Is it time for a socks change?

The fine folks at Wright Sock and Runners' Lounge think it might be. I have been chosen to participate in the Wright Socks challenge. I scored six pair of Wright Socks to test and review here on my blog. You might be wondering if that means that you can expect more of this cringe-inducing sock puns for the duration of the challenge. Yes, you can. To do anything less would be to admit de-feet.

My current socks of choice, the cheap white non-cottons, are C9 from Target. Do I like them? Eh, they're okay. They serve their purpose of providing a barrier between my foot and my shoe, but they don't really do much else. I do get blisters after long runs, though Body Glide seems to make that a little better. They are comfortable enough, and I can get them readily for about two bucks a pair.

That might not seem like much, but as far as I'm concerned, the Wright Socks have a lot to live up to. I can't throw a pair in the cart while I'm stocking up on paper towels. And at five or six bucks a pair, they better do more than just provide a barrier between my shoes and my feet. If I'm going to abandon the C9's, they need to (wait for it...) knock my socks off.

My box of socks arrived Thursday, and they look fantastic. There are all different kinds to try - thick, thin, double-layer, and single layer. The first pair will be tested today.


Nat said...

I am a big fan of their anti-blister line. It's all I wear in fact... I must have like 10 pairs.

Ovens2Betsy said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed mine will arrive today!

sherijung said...

I am looking forward to reading your review--I also wear Target C9 socks pretty religiously, though I've never gotten a blister. I just don't see why I should spend so much more for socks.

Meg Runs said...

Have you ever tried the running socks with the toes? I saw a girl with those on today and they looked comfortable and FUN.

Roisin said...

I loooooooves me some Wright Socks! Can't wait to read your review!

newsjunkie said...

Oh I thought whoever wanted them would get them. Guess I was wrong. I was looking forward to some free socks too. :(

Anyway I ran a marathon in their "guaranteed not to blister" socks and I still got blisters just as bad as in my other socks. I love Balega socks so that's what I've stuck with--along with a healthy application of Body Glide.

X-Country2 said...

Can't wait to read your review!

Nitmos said...

Will you try putting Sox on Knox Fox?

Wright is my brand. They are (wait for it...) Wright on!