Thursday, June 04, 2009

Give Peas a Chance

Bad news, Internet: I am writing to you with a bag of frozen peas tied to my ankle.

Non-runners may think that this is a curious fashion statement, but runners will immediately know that this means that I have somehow injured my Achilles tendon. And since I have a half marathon trisko on Sunday (13.1 Chicago), this is a very bad development.

I felt a teeny bit of discomfort after my 10 miler on Sunday, but nothing to write home about. Then yesterday I set out to run a fast 3 and it started to really bother me.

The plan, between now and Sunday, is to baby it. I'm going to tie on the peas (not a euphemism) three or so times a day, take Advil every 4 hours, avoid high heels, and rest up.

Everybody think healing thoughts for me!


Roisin said...

I'm saying prayers!!!

The Laminator said...

Sending you all healing thoughts!

Nat said...

Oh no... hope it's better.

newsjunkie said...

I hope you're feeling better today and ready to race tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how your race went, hoping you felt well enough to run and run well.

I'm also impressed by your ability to coin runner talk. First there was "trisko;" now you've given us "to tie the peas," an instantly adoptable phrase. I love it. I mean, I hate when it happens, but I love the phrase.

Thinking of you. Will come back to check.