Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cuteness Seminar

It seems that, without my knowing, Jack has attended some sort of Cuteness Seminar. The kid is really turning it up.

Last week, Steve was away on a conference (not, as far as I can tell, in Cuteness, as his own level of cuteness has remained fairly steady). Jack would do things like color him pictures or jump up and down with delight upon learning that Daddy would be home "in just two days and that's not a lot, Mommy." We got Steve a small present, which Jack hid in various places around the house so that he could surprise Steve with it when the time was right. Adorable.

When Steve got home, Jack, naturally, ran up and tackle-hugged him in the airport. Spent the next day hanging out at home in an outfit that matched Steve's.

But yesterday, he really ramped it up. He and I were packing his bye-bye bag to go to Grandma-Grandpa house, and I asked him which tigers he wanted to bring. He grabbed Garfield and Roary, so I said that the two of them were having Daddy-Son time.

"Mommy? Can I bring Emmy, too? Because we're all together again and Roary wants his whole family with him, too."

(and, in answer to Nitmos's inevitable question, no, I did not tell him no.)


Julianne said...

How cute!! Seriously, Jack is too cute. ;-)

Lisa said...

Don't you just love it when they turn on the cute?? It completely makes up for whining, crying and other things that they do ;-)

Where is your race report for that fun looking mud run??